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Service Team Positions


These are volunteer positions at the service unit level, which support a collection of troops in your area. Job sharing is possible for most positions, if you’d like to volunteer with a friend. Key positions* are critical to the success of a service unit, while additional service unit positions are optional and can be added when the need is determined by the service unit.


*Service Unit Manager:   The person in this position will work closely with River Valleys and lead the team in developing plans for service unit, will coordinate work of the service unit (including recruiting and retaining persons for the below positions) and will evaluate team progress.

*Recruiter:   The person in this position will plan and carry out back to school and recruitment events for adults and girls. This person then organizes new members into troops securing troop leadership or places girls into existing troops or pathways.

*Service Unit Registrar:   The person in this position is responsible for supporting the registration process, such as training leaders on registration procedures, promoting online registration, promoting Early Bird and on time registration. If necessary forwarding paper forms to the River Valleys service center and cross checking monthly emailed reports.

*Program Sales – Cookies / Product Sales - Fall:   The person in this position will promote and oversee the fall product and/or cookie program, educating and supporting troops, managing orders via online ordering systems, and supporting delivery station/s and reward shipments.

*Troop Mentor:  The person in this position will welcome new troop leaders and introduce them to the local Girl Scout community, promote leader meeting attendance, and be a resource for new troop leaders.

*Service Unit Family Giving Coordinator:  The person in this position will help everyone celebrate and support their Girl Scout experience.  They coordinate the Family Fundraising Campaign within their Service Unit in partnership with the River Valleys fund development staff.


*Service Unit Treasurer:  The person in this position will manage the service unit funds and guide leaders in proper financial management of troop funds.

Optional Team Position Examples:

Resource Coordinator:  The person in this position helps maintain quality programming by promoting River Valleys’ program resources to the troop leaders and promoting council programs and events.

Special Event Coordinator:   The person in this position will work with event leads/committees who cooperatively plan and carry out events for girls in a specific geographic area ensuring safety, risk management and excellence of program.

Public Relations Representative:   The person in this position will report news regularly to River Valleys, community newspaper, and other local media/publicity sources, and will maintain visibility of Girl Scouting in the community.

Webmaster: Maintains the website or social media site used for communication within the service unit. Posts news, events, communications, etc.

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