Service Unit Roster


Here is the current list of volunteers that help run the Vista Star Service Unit.  Our primary focus is to help make your job as a volunteer easier and better.  

Note, all positions labeled "open!" we would love to fill!


If you would like to see position descriptions, click here. 


Service Unit Managers: 

Rachel Williams and Susie Segal

Email: suteam "@"






Stephanie Wittleder swittleder" @"




Assistant Service Unit Manager:                    

We have 2 positions open we must fill immediately.  We have flexibility to add a third to break up the on-going responsibility.   In these roles, you will be in charge of  recruiting and supporting your service unit volunteers so they can support the leaders and cookie managers. 



Product Sales-Fall:                       

Joy Burkhart Dean 

email: joybdean" @ "

Need a quick way this fall to raise funds for your troop? 

Contact Joy to learn more about this easy money earning opportunity.  



Product Sales-Cookies:                       

Robin Ryan


Supports and trains cookie managers for troops. managing troop to troop inventory and prize distribution




Laura Sommervold

email:laura.sommervold " @ "

Need some guidance on troop finances or that end of year report?   Laura helps support all things related to $$ for the SU. 




Family Giving Coordinator:           

Jenn Gale  

jenniferlynn.gale "@"

Jenn will help educate and promote the Family Giving Program to the Service Unit so that all Girl Scouts can participate regardless of finances. Jenn is a leader of a 1st grade Meadowbrook troop.



Rachel Williams

williams.b.rachel " @ "

Contact Rachel if you need help with adding girls/adults, disbanding and more.  Rachel is a leader of a 1st grade XinXing Daisies. 


Troop Mentors:

Cheryl Jones 

cherylmannionjones " @ "

Contact these ladies if you need help with meeting spaces, getting started, tips and tricks and more. 

Susie has a group of Brownies/Juniors

and Cheryl has a group of Brownies.



Lead Recruiter:                                         

Jessica Laabs laabsx2  @ ""
Orders materials and recruits other volunteers to host open house tables and a open house event.           
Assistant Recruiter: 



Day Camp Director:                      

Laurie Powell Anderson 

Day Camp Co-Director:  

Tabitha Peterson