Leader Resources

Volunteer Essentials

Volunteer Essentials shares Girl Scouts volunteer policies and procedures.  Essential resource to follow to keep girls safe and much much more!


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Three Rivers Park District

Great parks and great event programming! They will do Girl Scout Badges and help host overnights!



In the Loop Blog

A great resource of tips and tricks created by Girl Scouts River Valleys


Microsoft Store 


Contact for a free Brownie Computer Expert Badge  Junior Entertainment Technology , Cadette Digital Movie Making,  Cadette Netiquette,  senior website designer session!

Office: 952-487-7372 

Apple Store

 Girls got a free t-shirt and USB bracelet. If it fulfilled a badge requirement, the badge cost was the responsibility of the troop.

Topics were the choice of the troop including:

In most cases Girl Scouts have Computer Badges and this would be a great way for them to earn them. Depending on time and age we have done a variety of activities. We've created movies with pre-recorded footage, composed music in GarageBand, used the Paper app with the Paper 53 pencil stylus to paint artwork and we've even had a high school tech support group in to learn about ways to best support their school needs.